Graco Hydra-Clean 30: 1 Air-Operated Pressure Washer, Wall Mount

$14,003.70 $11,669.75
Ideal for heavy duty cleaning and maintenance for industrial and sanitary applications

Clean up your facility the quick, easy and efficient way with Graco Hydra-Clean pressure washers! Designed with Graco’s NXT air motor, it's ideal for industrial and sanitary applications including food processing facilities, heavy duty cleaning, maintenance, shipyards, oil rigs and more.

  • Great for high pressure cleaning and sanitizing
  • Fits most pressure, flow and material requirements
  • Use with open-head universal drums
  • Designed to use with cold or hot water up to 200°F (93°C)
  • Spray down portability for use in sanitary applications
  • Supports multiple guns
  • Efficient cleaning with water, detergent or chemical solutions
More Information
Max. Flow Rate (l/min)25.90
Max. Input Pressure (psi)100
Max. Output Pressure (psi)3,065.00
Fluid to Air Ratio30:1
Displacement (cc per cycle)430